Medical Gases


The critical demand of supplying medical gases to hospitals, nursing homes, doctors offices and private individuals has long been an important part of Haun's efforts to serve customers. The term medical gas usually brings to mind oxygen, but there are a host of other gases made to specifications and standards that qualify them for use in critical life situations as well.

Medical oxygen, nitrogen, helium and special mixes, such as anesthesia gases and lung diffusion gases, are produced or repackaged and distributed by Haun under strict guidance and control. The New York State Department of Education, Board of Pharmacy is one of the agencies that regulate medical gas production and distribution. Another is the FDA[Food & Drug Administration]. The FDA provides standards from the federal level.

Our Quality Assurance program provides highly specialized gas mixtures that meet your most stringent specifications. Production is monitored and analyzed, and cylinders are filled all in compliance with the appropriate formulas, with precise labeling for cylinder identification. Medical gas mixtures can be certified within your specifications and guaranteed to the tightest tolerance.

Close proximity to your facility ensures a reliable local source of supply for prompt delivery and uninterrupted availability of cylinder gases.

We also offer a comprehensive cylinder management program designed to help you track cylinders throughout your facility, from receipt to return. You reduce the time spent keeping track of cylinders. Monthly rental fees and lost cylinders are also significantly lower. This program makes it easier to properly allocate cylinder costs to the proper departments.

Many hospitals and home health care providers rely on Haun as their single-source supplier for medical gases. Working with a single supplier reduces paperwork and administrative costs. It's fast and convenient. One phone call brings a rapid response to all your needs and questions.


See above for a You Tube Video of Derrick Fay disconnecting the fill connections, after filling. The cylinders have been closed, lot numbers applied, and checked for oxygen purity.  Derrick is approved by our quality assurance program, and with us since 2006.  His ability to quickly connect, and disconnect filling leads, make him a valued member of our team.