“Haun worked with us to come up with solutions for fume extraction, gas delivery systems and all of our welding equipment needs. Haun also participates in our vendor managed inventory program to insure that we do not run out of welding gases and consumables.”
-Chad P.

“We have been a customer of Haun since we began business in the year 1990. They have always met our company needs on a timely basis, with supplies for our shop. Haun’s personnel are great to work with and are always available to help solve any welding question we have. We look forward to maintaining an effective relationship with Haun as our company grows and thrives to make quality products for our customers.”
-Ashley M.

“There have been numerous occasions where we have relied on Haun Welding Supply to assist us in achieving our goals... Two examples of the achievements gained with the assistance of Haun Welding Supply were the automation of one of our critical welding processes and the improved efficiency and reduced cost with the innovative Haun Welding Supply bulk shielding gas distribution system they installed in both of our manufacturing plants. So whether we are looking for additional knowledge to manufacture a new product, or improve the efficiency of what we are already doing, Haun Welding Supply continues to be one of our critical suppliers.”
-Chuck P.